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Ever wanted to go to the moon but rocket ship prices are just too expensive? Moon rocks may just do the trick if you’re looking for an intergalactic ride without ever needing to leave your couch. 

Known for its sky-high potency, and sparkly, astrological appearance, these ultra-potent cannabis “rocks” are said to launch your mind and body into an otherworldly adventure. Curious? Read on to discover everything you need to know about moon rocks. 

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks have started to gain popularity in the cannabis market within the last few years. However, they were first introduced to the masses in the early 1990s by legendary West-Coast rapper Kurupt. He is often touted as the father of Moon rocks and even went on to trademark his own version called Kurupt Moonrock. 


Moon rocks come in many different shapes and sizes but they are essentially cannabis nugs (traditionally Girl Scout Cookies, but any strain works) that have been sprayed or dipped into hash oil and then coated in kief. The result is a sparkly hash-covered nug of cannabis that resembles a rock. 

As for the “moon” part of the name, that most likely comes from its ability to get even the most seasoned smokers flying high as a spaceship. Beginners beware. 

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Smoking a bud of cannabis may seem self-explanatory, but the sticky outer coating of concentrate and kief makes handling this powerful nug a little more complex. Use these tips for a successful smoking sesh. 

No Grinders Allowed

Moon rocks are thick and greasy in texture and will easily destroy your favorite grinder. Fingers are the recommended tool to break up the tough buds before smoking, but a set of tweezers could work as well if you don’t want to get sticky fingers. 

Use Glassware

To keep mess to a minimum, try using a bong, glass pipe, or other glassware to get the most out of smoking moon rocks. You can also smoke them out of paper, but it is not always the most effective method. 

Rolling up a sticky rock by itself will not smoke the way an everyday joint or blunt normally would. Not only would you need an exorbitant amount of moon rocks to fill an entire blunt, the dense gooey buds will not light or stay lit long enough to actually enjoy when smoked by themselves.  

Combine Them with Other Flower

Since moon rocks can be difficult to light by themselves, it is also suggested that the syrupy rocks be mixed with other dry flower to make smoking easier. Sprinkle some on top of your bowl or try lining your joint with them and you will be surfing space waves in a matter of minutes. Remember, a little goes a long way!

Exercise Caution

Perhaps one of the most appealing qualities of a moon rock is its powerful potency. However, this can be its downfall as well if caution is not exercised when smoking. 

Many are taken off guard by the sheer strength of moon rocks, whether they are new to smoking cannabis or not. No matter what kind of tolerance you think you have, start with a small piece and go slow. 

For that same reason, make sure that all of your responsibilities are handled for the day. One puff of these bad boys could derail your entire day if you’re not careful. Be prepared, eat a good meal, be sure to hydrate, and get ready for the ride of your life. 

Pros and Cons of Smoking Moon Rocks

Before diving straight into an interstellar trip, it is important to consider the pros and cons of adding them to your smoking regimen. 


  • They have a super-high concentration of THC and will get you incredibly lit. 
  • Perfect for medical cannabis patients that require a high dose of THC or experienced stoners looking for their next challenge. 
  • A little goes a long way, making moon rocks more cost-effective than traditional flower. 
  • Their unique, sparkly, rock-like appearance makes moon rocks a fun novelty purchase and an instant conversation starter. 


  • They are very potent and will get you very, very high — which can be unsettling for some. THC in high doses may also increase anxiety for certain people, so be sure to take things easy if you’re sensitive to THC. 
  • Whether you use your fingers, tweezers, or scissors to break them up, a mess is virtually inevitable. Something is bound to get sticky somewhere. 
  • Unlike flower that can withstand an array of conditions in a pinch, moon rocks must be stored in a cool dry place or they will start to get melty or syrupy. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to take your mind on an intergalactic adventure or are just looking for the next big thing in cannabis, moon rocks may be for you. With a little caution and preparedness, flying high is the only option with these hash-covered buds. Want to try them for yourself or learn more? Cruise on over to your local JARS location.


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