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JARS Cannabis Presents Wake-N-Skate

Here at JARS Cannabis, we appreciate the support we have received from our community. This appreciation is reflected in the quality of the products we sell and the excellent customer service we strive to provide every day. We have also truly enjoyed other opportunities to engage with our customers, many of whom we consider family. Without you, we would not be here.

We had fantastic turnouts when we hosted day parties, grand openings, roundtables, and more. However, those are not the only ways to invest our time and effort into helping others or bringing good people together. We are always open to connecting with people and organizations seeking to improve the community and the lives of others.


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So when we found out about Community Push and the great things they are doing, we reached out and connected with the co-founder Derrick Dykas about finding out how we could be a part of it all. Founded in 2014, Community Push works to grow and connect the skateboarding community with the communities in which they live. Their latest venture includes the building of a brand new skate park in the city of Detroit.


This grassroots effort included over 100 volunteers, financial donations, local vendors, and more. Without everyone coming together, this dream would have never become a reality.


Mendi was a perfect match for an event like this. They provide quality cannabis products for people who like to stay active, and what better way is there to get involved than a skatepark?


Over 75% of all financial donations received went into purchasing enough concrete to finish the project.


Check out this beautiful aerial view of what investing in a community can look like.

Even professional skater Leo Baker came out to support the cause and enjoy the fun! They not only came out to help bring awareness to the project and meet some fans, but they also got their hands dirty like almost everyone else.

Final Thoughts

Opportunities like this help us connect with the community we serve and make all of the hard work and effort worth it. However, we could not do it all alone. We thank Community Push for inviting us. We want to give credit to Mendi, maker of cannabis products, for people with active lifestyles. We always take great pleasure in working with them. Also, we want to thank professional skater Leo Baker for showing up and helping out! Lastly, we want to express our appreciation to the fantastic people of Detroit for coming out strong to help us complete this awesome grassroots project. We look forward to seeing you all again at our next public event in the very new future.



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