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Arizona is an enchanting state positioned squarely in America’s Southwest. Home to natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, pine-covered mountains, and cactus-filled desert, there is no shortage of beauty in Arizona.

There is also a remarkable collection human-made of Murals throughout the state that are guaranteed to blow you away. Keep reading to the end of this article to see which of the top 10 murals you won’t want to miss in Arizona. 

1. 1 ½ Street Mural

This incredible collection of murals features 12 different murals painted by 12 different local artists, and is conveniently situated on the same street in downtown Phoenix. 

Walk up and down the street like it’s a museum and behold the variety of art that can be inspired from the same state. 

2. The Prince Tribute Mural

Prince was one of the most beloved talents of our time and his passing was devastating to his fans all around the world. Maggie Keane started painting this mural after Prince’s untimely death in 2016.

Coming in at a whopping 18 feet high and 47 feet wide, this unique, purple mural is located at 1350 W Roosevelt Street. 

Maggie Keane has also memorialized the different phases of David Bowie on several walls located on 7th St and McDowell in the same town. If you are a lover of rock-n-roll, you simply must make a pilgrimage to pay your respects to the greats. 

3. Sky Island (Whale Mural)

Completed in 2019 by renowned muralist, Joe Pagac, this incredible mural depicts whales swimming in a sunset instead of the ocean. 

The juxtaposition of the whales swimming in the desert sky offers a gorgeous perspective on what it could mean to thrive in seemingly inhospitable environments. 

Joe Pagac is an accomplished and celebrate artist who has multiple murals worth checking out in Tucson.

4. Roosevelt Row

Roosevelt Row is the arts district in downtown Phoenix, and is home to one of the largest art walks in the nation. Plan your visit around the first Friday of the month so that you can experience live music, and discover treasures around every corner.

Every ounce of space in Roosevelt Row is adorned with art vibes. Browse the area slowly on foot to appreciate the galleries, vendors, restaurants and street art.

5. The Murals of Flagstaff

Flagstaff, Arizona sits right on the brink of The Painted Desert, so it’s no wonder that there are painted murals all over the city. 

There are so many cool murals in Flagstaff within a short proximity to each other that you might as well go on a walking tour and experience as many as you can for yourself. 

6. Brotherhood Mural

Since 2016, Enrique Chiu has been painting a mural on the Mexico side of the US/Mexican border wall called Mural de la Hermandad or “Brotherhood Mural”. 

Over 300 painters from around the world have had a hand in painting this massive mural. Spanning the distance between the Pacific Ocean and Tijuana, Mural de la Hermandad will be the largest mural in the world.

7. Danelle Plaza in Tempe, AZ

Danelle Plaza is located at 3400 S. Mill Ave in Tempe, AZ and is the home to two very renound murals: 

Dreams on Pause by Clyde Thompson, which was created out of inspiration from the pandemic. 


Amazed Baby by Lucretia Torva, a pop/comic art homage to Tempe. 

During the day, the plaza is a great place to snap cute photos and browse, but at night the vibe totally changes. Adorned with cafe lights and cool neon signs, you are sure to enjoy a day-to-night transition here.

8. “The Sound of Flight

The sound of flight is the largest mural in Arizona. Located in Flagstaff on the side of the Orpheum Theater, The Sound of Flight was painted by a collaboration between Sky Black and Mural Mice.

Measuring 150 feet wide, and 30 feet tall, The Sound of Flight is even more impressive because it was painted completely by hand with paint and paintbrushes, without using spray paint at all. 

9. La Mujer Empoderada 

La Mujer Empoderada is Located in downtown Tucson at 1St. N. 5th St. Finished in March of 2022 this mural was painted by David Aber. La Mujer Empoderada which translates to “The Empowered Woman” 

The massive mural is inspired by the bravery and strength of powerful women.

10. Jessica Gonzales’ “Creative Machines

Last but not least is Jessica Gonzales’ Creative Machines mural. Gonzales is a Tucson native, accomplished muralist and multi-talented artist. 

Jessica Gonzales has completed several choice murals in Tucson, but if you had to see one, Creative Machines is a feast for the eyes that wraps around two sides of a building.

So cool.

In Conclusion 

America’s Southwest is known for its striking sunsets and desert-scapes. There is a palpable influence between the beauty of the landscape, and the man-made artwork adorning Arizona’s walls. 

Art is all around us! Be sure to take some time during your trip to appreciate it. Keep your eyes open and your spirit will surely be moved. 


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