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5 Tips for Parents Who Use Cannabis

Being a parent is hard, but being a parent who medicates with weed adds another layer of difficulty. With judgment from other parents and the stigma that still surrounds cannabis, using this plant can lead to far more than just an awkward moment. It can affect your work life, your home life, and even affect the relationship you have with your children—but you’re not alone.

As cannabis continues to be legalized across the globe, more and more parents are coming out as medical marijuana users and have shared their secrets on how to deal with all things parenting and weed. Read on for our tips for parents who use cannabis.

Secure your stash.

Whether you use cannabis recreationally or medicinally, cannabis is not safe for children. Although licensed marijuana products are required to come in childproof packaging, it is in your best interest to keep stash farrrrr farrrr away from curious kids. Get a safe, lock your closet, or whatever you can think to do to protect your children, you should absolutely be doing.

Timing is everything.

When and how you enjoy cannabis can make a big difference in your life and your children’s life—and this can refer to more than just time of day. Some parents choose not to use until their kids are old enough to understand what cannabis is and why they use it.

When that’s not an option, others find discreet ways to consume (like edibles or vaporizers) during the day or wait until their children are tucked safely into bed before imbibing. Everyone has different reasons for using cannabis and different family dynamics so it’s important to figure out what is going to work best for your individual needs. If you have a partner or co-parent, get together to decide when, where, how, and how often is appropriate for consuming at home.

When the time comes, talk about it.

When it feels right, many parents encourage you to have open and honest discussions with your kids about cannabis. Discuss it matter-of-factly with accurate information, and your children may just perceive it as another boring thing that their parents are into, rather than some scary drug.

The more you introduce the idea of cannabis to your kids, the more you can teach them about their bodies, mental health, wellness, and maybe even improve your communication with them overall. Show them that you trust them, and they may do the same right back.

If smoking is your thing, consider your words carefully.

One thing is for sure: Kids these days are not dumb. If you’re open about your cannabis use and smoking is your favorite way to go, they may call you out for using combustion, which has a reputation for being an unhealthy way to enjoy weed. At first glance, it might seem a little too close to smoking cigarettes for comfort.

However, don’t shy away from explaining yourself in a calm and concise manner. Remember, kids aren’t stupid. Be honest with them and use this as an opportunity to show your kids how adults analyze risks and benefits in complex situations. For example, maybe you’re dealing with anxiety and need immediate relief when you find yourself getting anxious. Smoking is one of the fastest ways to get the relief you need.

At the end of the day, it’s just a plant.

Like all psychoactive substances, cannabis requires some basic safety considerations, but unless you’re dealing with personal or family addiction issues, it’s not worth getting stress out about. Only you know what is best for you, your body, your family, and that’s that on that.

So take the proper precautions, do your research so you can feel confident in your choices, talk to your family and do what is right for your individual needs. No matter what anyone else has to say about it, it’s just a plant—a miraculous one if we do say so ourselves.

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