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How to Throw a Cannabis Dinner Party

From birthday parties to holiday potlucks to plain old weekend revelry, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate at any time of the year. A few years ago, alcohol may have been the main event, but nowadays cannabis is stepping into the limelight.

As cannabis continues to become more commonplace in everyday life, more and more people are interested in learning how to throw a cannabis dinner party. And we’re not talking about just making some pot brownies and calling it a day, we’re talking about creating an elevated experience that your friends will remember for years to come—and what that means is personal to you and your friend group.

With that said, there are a number of rules to live by when planning to host a cannabis-infused dinner party. Read on for all of the delicious details.

Decide on your when and your why.

First things first, decide when and why you’d like to throw your shindig. Whether it’s your birthday, a random holiday (ahem, 4/20 maybe), or simply want to get chill with your friends, settle on a date and why you’re gathering everyone together. This doesn’t have to be brain surgery but it makes planning a lot easier once you know these two essential details.Write out a guest list and send the invites.

Cannabis and food is a communal experience so consider your guest list carefully. This should be a drama-free zone. Be sure to make room for plus-ones as well if it’s going to be that kind of a party. Once you’ve decided who is on the list, send out those invitations (whether it’s a simple text or a template on Canva) and ask people to RSVP—this part is important.

We know, it’s kind of nerdy to ask people to RSVP, but in order to prepare the right amount of food, it’s important to at least have a general idea of who is going to be showing up. It’s okay to be nerdy if it means everyone is going to leave full and happy.

Start menu planning.

This can take a number of different forms depending on how you would like to serve your meal: Are you thinking you want something more casual like a family-style cookout? Or more structured like a sit-down meal with courses? Either can be easy to accomplish with the proper planning.

Once you know what kind of style you’d like your meal to be, you can start planning out the actual menu. Almost anything can be infused with cannabis when you have cannabutter and a cannabis-infused oil on hand (make an infused oil the same way you make cannabutter). Just remember that THC starts to degrade at 375℉, but other than that, let your imagination fly.

If you’re throwing a cookout, finish your burgers, chicken, or salmon with an infused honey glaze or BBQ sauce by simply blending in an infused coconut or olive oil. For a coursed meal, plan each dish so that it can be infused but still complement the meal as a whole. For example, if you’re making chilled avocado and corn soup as an appetizer, drizzle a little infused olive and cilantro oil over the top.

Get creative here and let your menu tell a story. Think about each and every flavor and how they’ll play together throughout the night. If this is your first time, it may seem intimidating, but just take things one step at a time.

Make your guests comfortable.

To make your celebration a night to remember, make sure that your guests are both cozy and safe. Of course, the usual couches and pillows are recommended, but you’ll also want to keep some CBD on hand in the off chance that one of the guests get a little too lit.

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is able to offset some of the unwanted side-effects of THC like anxiety or paranoia. You may even want to consider making a CBD-infused mocktail for your guests to enjoy as a seamless way to ensure everyone is comfortable for the night.

Besides that, remember to hydrate often and make it a judgment-free, safe space for your guests to enjoy.

Be prepared.

You know what Santa says: Make your list and check it twice! Double, triple-check that you have everything you need for a smooth ride. Think of all the small details, like extra plates and silverware and plenty of towels on hand in case of spills. For a special touch, set out extra rolling papers, lighters, and ashtrays so your guests have everything they need.

Go the extra mile by printing out table cards or menus so that everyone knows exactly what to expect. Light some candles, queue up a playlist, and really set the vibe. If appropriate, prep your food beforehand so that you can spend as much time with your guests as possible.

Enjoy yourself.

Last but certainly not least, just have fun. You’ve done all the planning, you’ve done all the prepping, now is your time to shine. Roll yourself a fat one because you’ve earned it.

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