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Top 7 Stoner Games

When you get high, sometimes the kid within you just wants to kick back and play games. Whether you’re an indica lover or sativa fan, gaming is just another part of cannabis culture—we all love it.

And while everyone has their favorites, some games never lose their charm in the stoner community. From card games to video games, check out our list of Top Seven Stoner Games that you can play at home, right now.


It’s cheesy, we know, but trust us. With modern technology, charades is not the game that your grandparents played. Now, you can easily download an app on your phone like “Head’s Up” that adds an extra layer of fun and ridiculousness.

With these charade-inspired apps, you have an endless number of categories to choose from such as celebrity impersonations, zoo animals, movie trivia, that keep you entertained for hours. You can also record the fun and post it to Instagram or who knows, maybe even start a new TikTok challenge. So invite your friends, roll up some fat joints, and get ready to get your silly on.

Cards Against Humanity

You were probably expecting to see a list of video games, but we like to offer a little something for everyone. Cards Against Humanity is the perfect mixture of board game meets classic card game meets raunchy party game. Some of the cards ask funny and sometimes strange questions and the other cards have intriguing and oftentimes inappropriate answers.

Not only is this hilarious game a good way to keep your brain cells moving around and active while you’re high but it can also be illuminating as to what your friends think of you, depending on their answers. Pull this game out with some of your best friends at your next group smoke sesh and you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing in no time.

Pokémon Go

Any iteration of Pokémon is bound to be a good time after a few puffs of your favorite weed strain, but we’re giving a special shoutout to Pokémon Go. The reason being, everyone who has a smartphone can get this game. You don’t have to get some expensive gaming console to enjoy this cult class video game.

It also encourages you to take an adventure and get some fresh air as you catch adorable yet strange creatures on every street corner. You can even use augmented reality (AR) to play with your Pokémon pals in your actual surroundings. If that doesn’t sound like some high shenanigans waiting to happen, we don’t know what does.

Grand Theft Auto

Admit it—everyone likes to pretend they’re breaking the law without actually breaking the law. Live out your criminal fantasy by taking a quick bong rip and getting lost in the world of Grand Theft Auto. If you’re ready for commitment, you can try out their story feature and complete various nefarious missions all over town. You can also use free play and wreak havoc all over town with no real plan in mind.

Either way, you’re going to want to toke on some herb or eat an edible beforehand to get the best results.

Mortal Kombat

Whether you head to an arcade bar or play it in the comfort of your home, Mortal Kombat is an undeniable favorite amongst stoners that love to game. The graphics are usually candy for the eyes and the simple premise never gets old—just square up, fight, and finish your opponents.

Keep in mind that if you’re not into gore, this game is not for you. Each character has their own fatality move that usually involves some incredibly bloody stuff. But if you’re into that kind of thing, the blood and guts adds the appeal of Mortal Kombat.

Super Smash Brothers

For a fighting game that takes the gore down a notch but is equally as fun as Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Brothers is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. It features a wide variety of your favorite characters Yoshi, Link, Samus, Kirby, and more that fight it out until a singular champion stands.

This video game is great for parties as it can accommodate well over four players or you can play solo against bot-like computers. All that’s missing is the herbal enhancement of your choice.

Mario Kart

Last but certainly not least, we round out our list with Mario Kart. Endlessly entertaining and approachable for all types of gamers, this Nintendo classic is all about racing. Whether you play it alongside friends or on your own, get ready to zoom around different whimsical courses with destructive items. You can use these items to trip up your competitors and take the crown as the winner or boost your speed in order to get ahead.

Even though you’re just racing around a course, this game truly provides you with hours of fun. Try out different characters, switch up their outfits, learn how to drift, and more as you continue to get deeper into the game.

Gaming Pro-Tip

To get the most out of your gaming experience, get the best weed to go along with it. Try one of our favorite strains for gaming or talk to our budtenders about trying something new. Either way, you’re in good hands with JARS.

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