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Rare Cannabis Strains you Should Know

Certain cannabis cultivars like Blue Dream (which we discussed in our article about migraines) and Sour Diesel are never hard to come by, while others are a little more difficult to find—it’s almost like tracking down a limited drop of sneakers or a rare vintage of wine. However, if you consider yourself a true weed aficionado, then you might be curious to learn about these rare cannabis strains.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about a few of our favorite hard-to-find strains so you’ll know what to look for and when to stock up on certain exotic strains.

Hindu Kush

Named after the mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan where this landrace strain originated, Hindu Kush is a pure indica treat. Due to the harsh climate of its homeland, this exotic strain is marked by its thick, protective coat of crystal trichomes beloved by hash makers everywhere. Those that are lucky enough to find Hindu Kush will be pleased to find a delightfully sweet flavor with notes of sandalwood and earth. They also say that this strain induces a deep sense of calm that may help bring relief to anyone suffering from pain, nausea, or a high-stress lifestyle.

Chemdog 91

You may be familiar with Chemdog line of potent cannabis strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel, but Chemdog 91 is the rare cannabis train behind it all. The history of Chemdog is long, convoluted, and fascinating, with a murky origin story that dates back to a Grateful Dead tour back in 1991.

Despite its elusive back story, the original Chemdog varietal (which we now call Chemdog 91) remains among the most potent, tasty, and highly sought-after cannabis strains of all time. Users love this strain for its earthy and diesel-forward aroma and to-the-moon, euphoric high.

Hawaiian Snow

The legendary Hawaiian Snow combines the genetics of three of the best Haze strains of all time—Neville’s Haze, Pure Haze, and Hawaiian Haze—into one incredible varietal with supreme sativa genetics. When you spark up this energetic strain, you’ll uncover the smell of sage accented by notes of zesty citrus and soothing eucalyptus. With its complex terpene profile, users say that they experience a liberating cerebral high perfect for parties or creating a masterpiece.

Amnesia Haze

Another member of the iconic Haze family, this almost forgotten strain (ironic, we know) was once a trophy-winning sativa. A hybrid of South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, Amnesia Haze became an instant sensation in Amsterdam more than a decade ago for its uplifting, energizing, and buzzy effects. With an earthy flavor bursting with notes of citrus and lemon rind, this is the perfect strain to put a smile on your face.

Bubba OG

Originally crafted by Canadian grower Dr. Greenthumb Seeds, Bubba OG is an indica lover’s dream come true. Sometimes known as OG Bubba Kush, this strain has a sweet and pungent aroma that tastes of a balance of fruit and diesel. Roll up a blunt of this rare strain any time you want to relax or as a potential treatment for insomnia and pain.

Four Way

Four Way gets its name from the sticky genetic foursome that created it. Born of three Middle Eastern landrace genetics (Afghani, Indian, and Pakistani) with the addition of Skunk #1, it is no secret that Four Way produces an odor that you can smell down the block. Find this hybrid and get slapped in the face with notes of earth, pepper, and funky skunk.

Despite its potent parentage, this strain actually has a nice balance of THC and CBD—typically you can expect an average cannabinoid profile of between 15-20% THC and 2% CBD. As a result, Four Way offers a soothing sensation that makes you tingle from head to toe with warm, weighted sensations that gently guide you toward la-la-land.

Mendocino Purps

Coming out of the world-renowned cannabis region, Mendocino, California, comes an equally legendary strain, Mendocino Purps. Shortened to Mendo Purps, or even just The Purps, by its adoring fans, this indica-dominant hybrid is best enjoyed in the evening or before naptime. Expect these purple buds to give your body and mind a deep sense of relaxation as your eyelids droop lower and lower. This strain also has a pleasant dessert-like flavor with notes of caramel and toasted wood, making it the perfect addition to your nighttime weed rotation.

Angola Roja

This may come as a bit of a surprise to folks but Africa produces some of the most potent cannabis on the planet, like the elusive Angola Roja. Discovered during the Portuguese Occupation of Angola in 1575, this strain is one of the rarest African cultivars. Although it was once exported to other countries, Angola Roja slowly began to disappear as weed became illegal across the globe—but if you know some people who know some people, you might be able to get your hands on this once-in-a-lifetime strain.

Angola Roja is said to be marked by its red hairs and may have parented the African red strains that are known throughout Central and South Africa. Either way, this truly old-school sativa will leave you feeling light, energized, and ready to create a masterpiece.

Oaxacan Highland

Originating from the Oaxacan region of Mexico, this sativa-dominant strain was at its peak popularity in the U.S. back in the hippie days of the 60s and 70s. Those who puffed on Oaxacan Highland said that it offered potent psychedelic effects with a sweet and spicy aroma.

Unfortunately, this strain has all but disappeared from the US market due to both hybridization and rising levels of turmoil in the region. If you want to experience something close to this now endangered strain, offshoots like Eldorado may contain some of the original genetics and harbor some do the same effects.

Lamb’s Bread

Rumored to have roots in Jamaica and made popular by Bob Marley himself, this rare hybrid is known for its mood-boosting effects. To spot this strain, look for bright green, sticky buds with an earthy yet floral scent. Many medical marijuana patients search for this strain to potentially keep depression at bay and alleviate stress.

Pro-tip: keep an eye out for Lamb’s Breath as well—somewhere along the line, the two have become synonymous.

Idukki Gold

Sometimes referred to as Kerala, Idukki Gold is another rare landrace strain that originates from Idukki, India. Brimming with the aroma of mint, menthol, musk, and peppercorns, expect to find lime green buds that contrast against violet stems. When you roll this rare hybrid up, you’ll find a powerful high that will leave you energized and ready for anything—especially outdoor activities like rock climbing or swimming at the beach.

Roadkill Skunk

Many of you pining for the good old strains of yore, will remember Roadkill Skunk. If you can’t tell by the name, Roadkill Skunk is thought to be one of the funkiest, most pungent skunk varieties out there. The strong scent made it offputting to many, but now is making a major comeback. While it might be hard these exact genetics, its children Reserva Privada RKS and BC Roadkill may give you that walk down memory lane you crave.


While these 12 rare cannabis strains may be hard to get your hands on, it’ll be well worth it if you do. They offer a glimpse into the past with flavors and effects, unlike anything you have yet to experience. Come on into JARS today to see what we have in store—you never know what you may find.

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