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Lock It Down, With THC Diamonds

There’s a natural progression that happens with marijuana. The more you smoke it, the more educated you become on the matter. Eventually, several years pass you by and you are suddenly an expert in chemistry, even though your college degree would say otherwise. 

If you are here, it’s because you’re interested in leveling up your marijuana game yet again. Congratulations, and welcome. 

What We Know About THC Diamonds

Just like the stars in the night sky, THC Diamonds sparkle and shine. They are the jewels kept on the top shelf of the marijuana universe. THC diamonds are as close to 100% pure THC as you can possibly get. 

There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the exact process used to extract these beauties because just like a secret sauce, companies are reluctant to give away their individual recipe for success. But we do know it is done using a closed-loop system, a medley of solvent solutions, sub zero freezing temperatures, and a chromatography machine.

Made from freshly harvested marijuana flower, THC from the marijuana plant is separated from other cannabinoids and terpenes through an elaborate scientific process that requires temperature-controlled equipment and tons of added pressure. 

This cold and pressure transforms the diamonds into a THCa crystal. The crystal is non-psychoactive in this THCa state, and must be heated to the point of cannabinoid conversion. When you use a dab rig, an e-rig, or a tabletop vaporizer the THCa turns into THC and has the potential of hitting 4 times stronger than a joint. 

A single diamond may have between 97-99% THCa (and often times is at 100% pure THCa), and the remaining 1-3% is made up of terpenes and additional cannabinoids (depending on which strain of flower is used). It is the lack of influences from these terpenes and cannabinoids that make THC Diamonds the most potent and pure extract available on the market.

The end result is a clear-ass, beautiful-ass, diamond-ass-looking rock of THC!

What Do You Do With The Diamond?

THC diamonds can be as small as a grain of sugar, and as large as a piece of rock candy. 

Many people crunch up their THC diamonds with a mortar and a pestle (or a knife and a rolling tray) and sprinkle the dust atop their bowl of weed or joint for added potency. 

If you are someone who dabbles in dabbing, you can coat your diamond pieces with terpene “sauce” and smoke them in an oil rig, or a dab rig- just like how you would smoke live resin. 

Live resin differs from THC Diamonds because it is more rich in terpenes. Terpenes make up almost zero percent in THC Diamonds because of the more vigorous extraction process.

You can also smoke THC Diamonds without the terpene sauce as long as you have the right set-up. Typically this consists of: a rig, a carb cap, a quartz banger, a quartz dab tool, a torch for heating up the bowl and a little bit of water to pull and filter the smoke.

What Are The Benefits Of Smoking THC Diamonds?

THC Diamonds are becoming extremely popular because their potency is able to be measured. This guaranteed measurement helps with exact dosing for medical purposes, and is a huge win for consistency because it eliminates much of the guesswork that comes along with smoking mind-altering substances. 

Positive physiological benefits have been reported from using THC Diamonds. People claim that their stress has been eased, along with pain, depression, and anxiety. 

By itself, THCa has been lauded to reduce nausea and vomiting, help with inflammation, and have neuroprotective properties.

Classically there are some things that cannot be helped when it comes to smoking a marijuana by-product, such as; dry eyes, dry mouth, and wanting to eat all the snacks. 

In Conclusion

There are many affordable options when it comes to smoking these lovely compounds. 

THC Diamonds are so smooth and so potent that you might have just found your new preferred version of being high. Be sure to ask your JARS bud tender their advice on getting into the diamond business.

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