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JARS Roundtable: Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims

What do former Detroit Lions teammates Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims have in common besides football? Cannabis, of course.

With a mutual goal to turn a stigma into a solution, we invited ESPN’s Eric Woodyard to sit down with the power duo and to learn more about their new cannabis brand, Primitiv and their research-first approach. Read on to learn more about their journey, their brand, and how they’re putting Detroit first.

Primitiv’s Story

Teammates don’t always make great business partners, but Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims are serious about changing the medical marijuana game. Both athletes suffered from the long-term physical effects of injuries sustained during their playing careers, and sought a different solution than traditional prescription drugs.

In a physically demanding sport like professional football, players are often taught to deal with the pain. It’s common for doctors to prescribe opioid painkillers for treatment, which can lead to lifelong dependency and addiction.

Johnson and Sims felt the need to break this harmful cycle and seek out a more holistic approach to their pain management, and thus the seed of Primitiv was planted—but they didn’t want to be just another celebrity-backed cannabis brand with no real purpose. They wanted to make a tangible difference in their home state of Michigan and beyond.

So how do you get taken seriously in the medical field? Cold hard facts. They moved forward with a strong focus on creating cannabis products that have the research to back up what they believe to be true: That cannabis is an all-natural, medicinal plant with the ability to heal. After years of research and development, Johnson and Sims are ready to share Primitiv with the world.

JARS X Primitiv

After sitting down to chat with Eric Woodyard, we were lucky enough to get Megatron and Rob Sims to stop by our River Rouge location to meet up with their fans and show off their Michigan-grown line of Primitiv flower. With one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in Michigan, it is no surprise that our guests are loving this new product.

Watch their entire interview here and stop into JARS to try Primitv for yourself—and stay tuned for more JARS Roundtable!

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