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JARS Cannabis x HYPE: Smoke with Pride

Since their inception, the cannabis and LGBTQ+ communities have played instrumental roles acting as advocates while paving the way to legalization for the two respective movements. An essential catalyst for change in our society, advocacy requires a willingness not only to learn but more importantly, to offer support. Without the support from fearless LGBTQ+ cannabis advocates and activists such as Dennis Peron, Brownie Mary, and Paul Scott, it is unlikely that we would have access to legal cannabis today.

Recognizing an intertwining history of advocacy and resilience between the two counterculture communities, JARS and HYPE are teaming up to celebrate Pride this year by supporting the Detroit-based, LGBTQ+ resource and service agency, Ruth Ellis Center. By launching Smoke with Pride, JARS and HYPE aim to expand upon the work of Ruth Ellis Center, in efforts to advocate for a brighter future and safer community for the Metro Detroit LGBTQ+ young adults of today and tomorrow.

Advocates, donors, and customers may celebrate and support Ruth Ellis Center on behalf of JARS and HYPE by:

  • Donating directly to Ruth Ellis Center.
  • Visiting any JARS retail location, where 10% of all HYPE proceeds are donated.
  • Purchase an exclusive JARS x HYPE Smoke with Pride Kit in-store, while supplies last, where 100% of the proceeds are donated.


Click below to donate directly to Ruth Ellis Center now or visit your local JARS to learn more about how you can help support Michigan’s LGBTQ+ community.


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