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JARS Cannabis Grand Opening Flint – Mt. Morris

A huge thank you once again to our JARS Cannabis community. Thanks to your continued support, we are bringing our quality cannabis products to Flint Mt. Morris! We focus on maintaining a large and versatile inventory, providing knowledgeable and professional service, and our business has continued to grow! This consistent growth and success only mean one thing! It’s once again time to celebrate and party with the ones who got us here!

So on Saturday, October 2nd, we pulled out all the stops and enjoyed our time with the people who matter the most, YOU! Thanks to our good friend DJ Alex Kadie, and some amazing street bike performances by Way Back Detroit, we had one of our best parties yet! We had a fantastic turnout from many amazing vendors and local food trucks, which we always appreciate. Who could ask for anything more with good food, good music, great people, and great smoke?

Recap of the Day


We have the best customers in the industry! As we come out to celebrate you and introduce ourselves to a new community, you came out to support us! You are the reason why we are so passionate about what we do and how we do it. We have had some of the best conversations with so many of you, and today we had one of the best parties!


We pride ourselves on having the best quality and the widest variety of cannabis options possible. People come for the cannabis; they stay for the community.


The music set the tone for the entire day!

These talented guys kept the crowd entertained throughout the day. Aside from the excellent smoke, they were easily one of the highlights of the entire event.

We know how to say thank you to those who help us with our parties and community events!

You can’t enjoy a good smoke without enjoying some good food. A huge thank you goes out to the vendors and food trucks who made the celebration complete. We appreciate PitaWay, Element, Motorcity Canna Bites, Viola, Pleasantrees, Hyman, and HighLife for their continued support.

Additional thank you to Cookie Boyz, Savvy Sliders, Chewii, VIVE CBD mocktail bar, Glorious, Oooze, and Exclusive for helping to bring life to the party.


We could never thank you enough. We sincerely appreciate the love and support our wonderful community has always shown us. We will continue to provide outstanding service and high-quality cannabis products. As we continue to grow, we will always invite you to celebrate with us as one big JARS Cannabis family!



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