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Watch out joints, pipes, and blunts, there’s a new cool kid in town: weed vaporizers. Although vapes have been around for a long time, their popularity has exploded over the last couple of years. Many cannabis connoisseurs are making the switch from more traditional methods of smoking to weed vaporizers because they’re convenient, flavorful, smooth and virtually mess-free.

If you’re used to simply rolling up a jay or are new to cannabis, vapes may seem a little confusing—but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Whether you’ve bought your first vape or are doing a little research beforehand, we’re here to share everything you need to know about how to smoke a weed vaporizer.

What is a vape?

So let’s start at the very beginning. A weed vaporizer is an electrical device that heats either cannabis concentrate or raw flower to a high enough temperature that it begins to emit a vapor that can be inhaled. This method does not require any combustion, it reduces the presence of potentially harmful irritants that may be contained in cannabis smoke or the lighter.

Additional benefits of vaping include:

  • Convenience: Although there are tabletop vaporizers available, many models are small and simple to use, enabling medical marijuana patients to medicate with ease whenever they need relief.
  • Discretion: We love the smell of weed but sometimes you want to be a covert stoner. Vaporizers are not entirely odorless, but the aroma produced by vaporized cannabis is milder and dissipates more quickly than smoked cannabis, enabling users to enjoy a discreet smoking experience.
  • Flavor: Low-temperature heating is effective at activating terpenes in concentrates or raw flower, bringing out the delicious flavors that might get destroyed with traditional combustion methods.
  • Flexibility: Vaporizers designed for actual buds can be used to consume any type of strain on the JARS menu, enabling you to sample a wide range of cultivars to suit your needs. Other smoke-free consumption methods like edibles and tinctures do not offer the same range of options.
  • Controlling Over Dosage: Weed vaporizers allow cannabis consumers to carefully control their dose by taking small inhalations until they’ve reached their desired level of relief. Some newer models even control the amount of THC in each inhale so that you know exactly how much you’re consuming.

How To Use a Weed Vaporizer

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, we’ll cover how to use a cannabis vaporizer step by step. Keep in mind that there are all kinds of vapes out there, each with its own functions and features, so it’s important to read the directions carefully. That being said, most dry flower vapes will follow these basic instructions:

  1. Heat up the device or make sure that it is fully charged.
  2. Grind your flower and then place it in the herb chamber. Be sure not to pack it too tightly because vapes need airflow in order to evenly heat the flower.
  3. Once the vaporizer is heated to your desired temperature (lower temperatures preserve the flavor better but give off less vapor, higher temperatures can destroy some of the flavor but allows you to take bigger hits), take a few small puffs through the mouthpiece. Once you get comfortable with it, feel free to take larger draws.
  4. Make sure to turn off the vaporizer once you are done with it and clean it as directed on the packaging.

Vaping cannabis concentrate is a little different. They typically come with a vape cartridge that is pre-loaded with concentrate for ease of use. You can purchase all-in-one disposable versions, sometimes called vape pens, where all you need to do is press a button and inhale. There are also versions that are designed to be reloaded so that only the cartridge is thrown out and you keep the vape pen for future use. In order to use a refillable vape pen for cannabis concentrates, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure that the device is charged.
  2. Grab your vape cart and screw it onto the vape pen.
  3. Press the button and inhale.

And that’s it! Consider yourself a vaping pro.


Now that you know how to smoke a weed a vaporizer, it’s time to get all of the tools you need. Come on into JARS to get all your vaping needs and then some.

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