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We all know what it’s like to come home with a fresh eighth from JARS only to discover that you don’t have anything to smoke with — but don’t worry. You can easily make a variety of different pipes at home, including the iconic gravity bong. 

Using the power of water and gravity, these old-school bongs work by submerging a bottle or chamber with a packed bowl on top into a larger bottle or bucket of water. It might sound complicated, but trust us, you’ve got this.  So whether you’re in need of a smoking device or just want to learn a new trick, read on for step-by-step instructions on how to make a gravity bong. 

The Anatomy of a Bong

Before making your first gravity bong, it can be helpful to have an understanding of the essential elements of a well-made smoking device. With that said, all bongs usually consist of: 

  • Tube: Sometimes called the neck, this part is usually a hollow cylinder where the smoke rises as you inhale through the mouthpiece. 
  • Base: Usually found at the bottom of your bong, this section houses the water that filters and cools the smoke as it passes through.
  • Carburetor (Carb): Carbs aren’t a necessary part of every bong but they can help you control the size of your hits, so many consumers like them. So if you see a teeny tiny hole on the side or back of the bong, this is most likely the carb.
  • Bowl: You’re probably already familiar with this part. This is the place where you pack your nugs of weed into place — usually a glass bowl-shaped device. 
  • Downstem: The downstem describes the thinner pipe that is connected to the bowl that goes down below the surface of the water. This piece allows the smoke to travel down into the base, through the water, up through the main tube, and lastly into your mouth.

How to Make a Gravity Bong

What You’ll Need: 

  • A plastic bottle 
  • A needle or a toothpick
  • Sharp scissors or knife
  • Aluminum foil
  • A container like a mixing bowl — it must be bigger than the plastic bottle



  1. Take your plastic bottle and remove the lid. Cover the opening with a piece of aluminum foil and make your bowl. Gently poke a few tiny holes into the aluminum foil with your toothpick (or needle) so that the smoke can easily pass through.
  2. Then, cut the bottom off of the bottle to create one large hollow piece. You can toss out the bottom part. 
  3. Next, take your large container and fill it about halfway with water. Place the cut plastic end of the bottle into the water until it reaches the neck of the bottle — or about as far down as you can go. The further down you are able to go, the larger the chamber is, and therefore, the bigger the hit. 
  4. Now, it’s time to fill the bowl with freshly ground cannabis and light as you slowly lift the bottle, stopping before it leaves the water. The bottle should fill with a cloud of thick smoke as you go. 
  5. Finally, lift off the aluminum and quickly place your mouth over the opening as you slowly push the bottle back into the water. This will force the smoke out of the bottle and into your mouth. Depending on the size of the bottle, you may not be able to take the whole hit in one breath. If that’s the case, all you have to do is cover the mouthpiece with your hand until you are ready to finish.


Now it’s your turn to head home and try this bong for yourself. With these instructions, you’ll never have to worry about not having a piece to smoke with ever again. Plus, it’s a fun party trick to have up your sleeve when you want to get supremely lit. 


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