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If you enjoy cannabis, you know that a potent odor is often just a part of the ride. Although the smell of cannabis is part of what makes it special, there are many reasons why you may not want to reek of your latest purchase from JARS. Whether you have a nosy neighbor or you simply want your home to smell fresh, we’re here with our guide on how to eliminate cannabis odor. Read on for our list of best-kept tips, tricks, and products to help you with your smelly dilemma. 

    1. Consume in a well-ventilated area. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely eradicate the odor that comes from cannabis, especially if you’re smoking – that’s why it’s important to focus on prevention rather than solely relying on masking the smell. 

Next time you spark up, make sure to open a few windows or even step outside to take care of business. If it’s a cold day, just crack your windows while you’re smoking, and try to aim the fumes directly outside, before shutting them again. You may even consider turning on a fan just to keep air circulating around the room. 

    2. Use the power of your kitchen. 

An untraditional but effective way to deal with the smell of cannabis is to head into your kitchen. Cooking odors can be powerful and long-lasting, so they’re an excellent solution to unwanted smells. 

If you have some onions, garlic, or both on hand, slice them up, and try sauteeing them in some oil. The intoxicating smell will fill up your home and mask any additional odors in no time. Bonus points if you can use these ingredients to make something to cure your munchies. 

You can also try popping some popcorn, either on the stove or in the microwave—but you won’t be able to eat it so don’t get too excited. In order for this method to work its best, you will need to burn the popcorn. We know it might sound crazy but have you ever lit a match after in the bathroom to cover up some potentially embarrassing odors? This is the same idea but on a larger scale. One simple strike of a match is likely not enough to handle the smell of cannabis smoke. 

    3. Try an air freshener. 

Perhaps one of the most common ways to handle undesirable aromas is to grab an everyday air freshener. For a quick fix, a simple spray from the grocery store will temporarily do the trick. To go the extra mile, some brands (like Veil) have crafted room sprays specifically for cannabis. You can also invest in a wall plug-in that runs continuously so you never have to worry about spritzing the room every time you consume. 

    4. Stock up on essential oils. 

Mask the scent of cannabis and get the added bonus of aromatherapy by using essential oils. Turn your home into a spa by placing a few drops of the oil of your choice into a diffuser. Similar to a humidifier, the scent will spread throughout the space using this winning combination. 

For a relaxing environment, try a blend of lavender and clary sage oils. Lavender has been shown to help reduce stress and clary sage may help cleanse your space. For an energizing vibe, opt for a blend of lemon and basil. This duo can potentially lift your spirits and help to enhance your mood. Whatever mixture you choose, your home will feel and smell like a high-end spa. 

    5. Light some incense and candles. 

Set the mood while disguising unwanted odors by lighting incense or candles. They’re a classic solution to fill a home with alluring aromas and are easy to find at every price point. With a variety of scents and styles to choose from, you can select whatever fits your mood or vibe the best. Incense and candles also make a great gift if you want to make someone in your smoke circle feel extra special. 

    6. Exhale into a sploof. 

What might just sound like a funny word is actually a very handy tool for the odor-conscious consumer. Essentially, a sploof is a hollow tube that is filled with some kind of filtration system to help eliminate the smell of cannabis. To use it, you exhale into the mouthpiece side and the filtered smoke comes out through the other side. 

You can easily make one yourself at home with an empty toilet paper roll, dryer sheets, and a rubber band or purchase one. Either way, it’s a great device to have on hand if you want to easily deal with cannabis aromas. 


Although there is no way to completely eliminate cannabis odor, we hope this guide has helped you determine how to handle them with ease. For more tips and tricks, follow @JARS_life on social media, and make sure to stay tuned for more on the blog. 


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