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Hemp Wick 101: What It Is and How to Use It

To the naked eye, hemp wick might look just like everyday twine, but it is so much more than just some string. Often used as an alternative to lighters and matches, hemp wick has been popping up all over the cannabis industry. In this article, we’ll give you the inside scoop on what exactly hemp wick is, the potential benefits, and how to use it. 

What is hemp wick?

Although hemp wick may be new to many of us, it has been around for centuries—some say that it dates all the way back to the first time someone sparked up nearly 10,000 years ago. And over the years, it hasn’t changed much in both appearance and usage. 

Essentially, hemp wick is a length of twine-like string crafted from hemp fibers that have been coated in a thin layer of beeswax. It can come in many different lengths and is typically wrapped in a tight ball, like yarn. When lit, the beeswax allows the string to burn very slowly, making it popular amongst cannabis consumers for lighting joints, pipes, bongs, and anything in between. 

What are the benefits of hemp wick?

Marketed as a natural alternative to lighters or matches, hemp wicks are generally thought to be more environmentally friendly and health-conscious. 

When you use a traditional lighter to spark up a bowl, butane gas causes the flame to burn at a very high temperature. When you inhale, the smoke is much hotter (and therefore much harsher), burns off more cannabinoids and tasty terpenes, and may even carry some of the butane into your lungs—and matches aren’t much better. 

When you use matches, you may inhale a not-so-tasty cocktail of glue, wood, combustible chemicals, and whatever else any given brand may use to make their matches. In summary, butane lighters and matches may be a more convenient way to light your joint, but many would rather keep their lungs free of potentially harmful materials. That’s where hemp wicks come in. 

You do have to light them with matches or a lighter, but once lit, you can ignite buds with virtually no chemicals involved. Plus, hemp wick is made of sustainable materials, reduces waste, and can last through many smoke sessions, making it an eco-friendly choice. 

How do you use hemp wick? 

    1. Unroll the hemp wick.
      To get started, peel away the tape that keeps the roll together and unfurl the string so until you have about 1-2 inches sticking out, ready to use. 
  • Ignite the tip of the wick. 

Light the tip of the loose strand with a lighter or match, making sure to stay clear of loose fabrics or flammable materials.

  1. Light your flower with the wick. 

Once you have a steady flame going, carefully place it to the tip of your joint or the top of your bowl and inhale. The fire will light your smoking device and you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth puff. 

  1. Put out the hemp wick. 

Once you’re finished using the hemp wick, put it out by dipping the tip in water, pressing the fire out with wetted fingertips, or blowing on it like a candle. Make sure the flame is completely out and cool before rolling it back up. Store the wick in a relatively cool and clean place to make sure it doesn’t collect any debris or melt. And that’s it! 

Ready to try hemp wick?

Now that you understand how to use hemp wick and its potential benefits, grab yourself a roll and a fresh eighth of JARS flower. We’ll be happy to help you find the exact strain you need to relax and unwind after a long day.


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