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Hair Follicle Test 2022

If you’re reading this article, I’m so sorry babe! You’ve got a hair follicle drug test coming up and you’re probably feeling nervous about passing it!

But fear not. In this blog, we’re going to give you some great tips for passing your test with flying colors so you can get that job! Or keep that job. Or whatever your individual reason is for having to take one of these annoying tests.  

What We Know About The Follicle Test

It’s a pretty comprehensive test. It can detect up to 15 different compounds, including: marijuana, amphetamines, methamphetamines, ecstasy, cocaine, opiates, codeine, morphine, heroin, and PCP- to name a few. 

They will take 1.5 inches of hair from the bottom of your head, about as much hair as a pencil is thick. Inside of this hair cutting is a snapshot of all the substances that have been in your bloodstream for the past 90 days.

Before you go to take THE hair follicle test, you can do a practice hair follicle test on your own at CVS for about $80-$110, just to make sure you’re on the right track!

I’ll Just Bleach My Hair

You could try to do that, but statistics say that there’s only a 40% chance that you will pass a hair follicle test because there may still be data leftover even after the bleach does its thing. 

If you don’t really smoke that much, you could probably get away with bleaching your hair. But the people who conduct these tests (and employers) might flag you as a risky hire if you do something like shave or bleach your hair. 

You’re About To Spend Some Money

Passing a drug test doesn’t come cheap. Here are some things people who have walked this road before you have bought: 

  • Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo ($235)
  • A Hair Confirming Test Kit ($80-90)
  • Ultra Clean by Zydot (~$35)
  • Macujo method supplies (~$50)

They say you need to buy the expensive shampoo because it’s the only one that is guaranteed to work, and EVEN WITH that shampoo, people still recommend that you do the Macujo method, so buckle up.

Macujo Method

Many sources recommend doing the Macujo method IN ADDITION to using the expensive shampoo. It’s a way to be proactive about passing a drug test, and includes doing science in the comfort of your own home to break open the hair cuticle and flush damning information from the center cortex of your hair!

What you need:

  • A bath or basin, and a reliable source of warm water
  • White Vinegar (people recommend Heinz because it’s 5% vinegar)
  • Clean & Clear Pink deep cleaning astringent 
  • Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo
  • Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo 
  • A shower cap
  • Goggles
  • Rubber gloves 
  • A new brush or comb
  • NATURAL laundry detergent with enzymes 

Note: This blog does not recommend that anyone use Tide detergent on their scalp or head. We would skip that step altogether, or go for an all-natural detergent with no scent. The reason people go for Tide is because Tide has enzymes in it, but so do other detergents. Use your heads, people!

How to do it:

In order to achieve desired results from the Macujo method, you’re going to need at least 3 days before your test so that you can do this process 3-5 times. Users of this process report a 90% chance of passing a hair follicle test for getting THC out of their hair. 

  1. Stop smoking weed and doing drugs the moment you know you need to do a drug test!
  2. Stop using the comb/brush that you used when you were smoking weed and doing drugs! It could really mess with all the hard work you’re about to do. 
  3. Wet your hair with warm water, put on goggles and massage white vinegar into your scalp. Your scalp may tingle.
  4. Add the Clean and Clear pink astringent and massage into your hair and scalp. Your scalp may tingle more. 
  5. Put a shower cap on and set a timer for 30 minutes. Wipe away the liquids that fall onto your face. 
  6. Rinse the vinegar and astringent out of your hair thoroughly.
  7. Wash your hair 2 times with the Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo.
  8. Apply a couple of drops of NATURAL unscented laundry detergent to your hair and wash. 
  9. Wash your hair with the Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo.

There are no real proven scientific studies that encourage the findings of the Macujo Method. All success is user generated and based on people who have passed drug tests by doing this series of steps. 

The macujo method has been reported to work for people with especially thin and light hair. If you are a heavy marijuana user who also happens to have thick  and dark hair, you may want to look into the Jerry G method, which will have you bleach and dye your hair. 

It has also been said deep in comment forums online that no-lye hair relaxer from Sally’s Beauty Supply is also a good product to try for getting the toxins out. 

Now We Wait! 

Okay prepare yourself, you are about to be soaking your hair in different chemicals for different amounts of time, and wearing goggles, and rubber gloves, and trying not to burn your scalp. 

Please be careful. Set timers and do not exceed the recommended time limits. If you are getting burned by chemicals, stop using them immediately.

Be sure to keep your hand out of the weed cookie jar until after you take your test! It would suck to have to give another hair sample if the results were inconclusive for some reason. 

And if your test still shows up positive for cannabis, you can remind your boss that marijuana is legal in 18 states and decriminalized in 13. Who’s to say you weren’t on vacation in one of these 31 places within the last 90 days.

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