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Everyone loves a good gift, even stoners—but sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect, “oh my goodness how thoughtful of you” gift. That’s where JARS comes in to help.

Whether you’re celebrating 4/20 or a friend’s birthday, we have curated a list of our top 10 must-have gifts that are sure to please any weed enthusiast in your life.

Pug Life Pipe by Art of Smoke


For a weed smoker that would like their high with an endearing twist, gift them this Pug Life Pipe by Art of Smoke. This handcrafted masterpiece perfectly blends aesthetics with function. Simply pack the back of this tiny dog and you might find that this eclectic pipe delivers some potent puffs.

The Peak Pro by Puff Co.


Some stoners are serious about their dabs—so surprise them with the ultimate concentrate companion, The Peak Pro by Puff Co. With the ability to customize everything from its LED lights to its temperature, this piece of cannabis technology is a game-changer for concentrate connoisseurs. On top of that, its sleek design fits into a handy carrying case that can take your high anywhere.

Levo Oil


Craving pot brownies? Levo Oil makes it easy as pie to make a cannabis-infused treat. From start to finish, this machine makes at-home infusions like cannabutter and coconut oil with minimal effort and virtually no mess. Whether you want to whip up some space cake or pesto pasta, there are an endless number of culinary possibilities. Best of all? Its modern design and array of colors look discreet, and in fact cool, lining your countertop.

A Pot for a Pot


Grow the sparkly buds of your dreams with A Pot for Your Pot. This beginner-friendly kit will guide you through growing your first (or second) cannabis plant. While you do need to supply the seeds yourself, this takes care of everything else you need for success. From the soil to the water can, all you have to do is follow their step-by-step instructions.

Keep in mind that while the kits are legal to ship to all 50 states, the laws regarding legal cultivation vary from state to state. Be sure to research your local regulations to do things by the book.

Find up-to-date Michigan and Arizona information here.

Jane Parade’s Herb Enthusiast Shirt


Show your stoner pride with confidence and style in this Herb Enthusiast shirt by Jane Parade. Starting with snuggly soft fabric, this subtle shirt lets the world know your affinity for sticky icky herbs. This classic tee-shirt comes in unisex sizes so you can please any 420 friendly pals in your life.

Gold Leaf Journal


Whether you’re a long-time patient or brand new to weed, finding the right treatment for your medical symptoms can be a daunting challenge—cue The Patient Journal. Developed in partnership with top medical professionals, this journal aims to simplify the process by giving you all the tools necessary to track every important detail. After some experimentation, you will learn how to adjust your cannabis routine to achieve the relief you have been looking for.

Consider this a great gift idea for a family member or friend that needs a push in the right direction.

Revelry Smell-Proof Travel Bag

smell free bag

Crafted for on-the-go smokers, The Revelry devised a discreet smell-proof bag with plenty of curb appeal. Complete with external zippered pockets and an inner divider, there is plenty of space to securely fit your bowl, your buds, and everything in between.

To block out any funky odors, its carbon filter system and rubber-backed exterior deliver a safe and odorless weed travel experience. You can even toss this bog in the dryer for few minutes with a dryer sheet to banish any lingering scents.



Take your wake and bake to the next level with a pot-themed waffle courtesy of Waffleye. Founded with the mission to bring joy into your life through food, this specialty breakfast appliance is sure to put a smile on any munchie-obsessed friend.

Feel free to get creative with this machine and make than just your everyday waffle. Throw in some chocolate chips, bananas, or maybe try your hand at a shredded potato pancake. No matter what you decide, there is no doubt that this waffle maker is the perfect 420 gift.

Shine Rolling Papers


Make every occasion a special occasion with luxurious 24 karat gold Shine Rolling Papers. Made with a blend of the finest edible gold and hemp paper, each king-size paper will roll a joint fit for royalty. Even the most critical of stoner will become enamored with the smooth burn of this eye-catching rolling paper.

Weed, Weed, and More Weed

Let’s face it, the best present for a pot enthusiast is weed, weed, and more weed. Whether you buy it by the eighth or grab a pack of pre-rolls, no one can say no to a green gift like this—especially when it comes from JARS. Depending on what your friend may be into, we have guides on recommended weed strains for gamers, strains for creative work, and even rare cannabis strains for the connoisseur.

Stop by your local Michigan or Arizona location today and treat yourself to something special.


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