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Now offering FREE, highly convenient, same-day and scheduled delivery services with a $75 minimum purchase in Michigan. Get $10 off pre-orders.

JARS Delivery Matters

JARS Delivery will help offset 100K tons of CO2

by protecting 113,430,000 trees

equivalent of taking 20K cars off the road

JARS vs. Carbon Emissions

It’s no surprise that last-mile delivery services produce carbon emissions. Transportation in the physical world requires energy, and in this modern age, most of that energy is unfortunately still sourced from fossil fuels.

With support from our customers and in partnership with Onfleet Offset, a sustainability program that works with organizations to offset the carbon emissions from their deliveries, JARS Michigan will calculate the total CO2 emissions of its operations to then offset over 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions by the end of 2022 – the equivalent of taking 20,000 cars off the road for an entire year.

Reducing Carbon Emissions with Trees

We know what you’re thinking – not the kind of “trees” that one might roll up and smoke. We’re talking about reducing carbon emissions with the help of trees that are found in forest ecosystems. Forests have many benefits, including sequestration of carbon dioxide, generation of oxygen, providing habitats for millions of diverse species of wildlife, and offering protection to ecologically intact communities. In addition to currently being recognized as the most cost-effective way to reduce carbon, forests have the potential to serve as one-third of the total climate solution by 2030 and offer significant opportunities to scale in the future.

Carbon offsets can’t prevent climate change, but we’re eager to start making the world a greener place with your help today.

*Exclusions may apply, see delivery radius for more details

Smoke responsibly with delivery that matters.
$10 Off Pre-Orders!

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