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Ways to smoke cannabis wax other than dabbing

Dabbing seems like the latest craze these days for cannabis professionals—but did you know there are ways to smoke cannabis wax other than dabbing?

Yes, it’s true. Whether you don’t have a dab rig or just want to switch up your routine, let’s look at a few ways you can get creative with wax.

What is marijuana wax?

Just in case you’re new to the wax game, we’ll start at the very beginning. Cannabis wax refers to a type of cannabis concentrate, similar to shatter. Wax is a softer, opaque oil that has lost its transparency after extraction. Unlike more transparent oils, the molecules of cannabis wax crystallize as a result of the agitation that happens in the extraction process.

Similar to its more transparent cousins, wax can also take on different consistencies based on heat, moisture, and the texture of the oil before the residual solvents are removed from the product (otherwise known as purged). Runny oils with more moisture often form gooey waxes that are sometimes called “budder,” while the more stiff ones are likely to take on a soft, brittle texture known as “crumble” or “honeycomb.” The term “wax” can be used to describe all of these softer, solid textures.

Ways to Smoke Wax Other than Dabbing

Dabbing has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years because cannabis concentrates are incredibly potent (sorry beginners, this is not for you), cost-effective, and flavorful. But dabbing is not the only way to enjoy all the benefits of cannabis wax. Let’s discuss.

  1. Drop It Into a Bowl

To smoke cannabis wax using a traditional glass bowl (either on a bong, bubbler, or spoon pipe), you first want to pack the bowl halfway with flower. Then collect a small ball of wax using a metal dabber (or really anything but your fingers because this stuff is STICKY), plop it in the bowl, and top with more flower.

You want to place the wax sandwiched between some fresh nugs because you don’t want to ignite the wax directly. If you do, you run the risk of destroying precious cannabinoids and THC molecules.

The thing we love about this method is that it’s incredibly simple. As long as you have access to good wax, quality buds, and a nice bowl, you’re all set.

  1. Roll It Into a Joint

Much like dropping wax into a bowl, this technique is easy and requires only a few tools.  All you need is the wax, some weed, rolling papers, and a good old-fashioned crutch.

For the best results, start with the rolling paper and crutch. Next, place some ground flower into the middle of the paper, as you normally would when rolling a joint. Then, carefully place some wax on top of the weed. Do your best to get the wax down the middle so that the flower surrounds it on all sides when it gets rolled.

Once your joint is filled, go ahead and roll it like usual. Things may get a little sticky, but with a little patience, you’ll have a super potent doobie on your hands. Just make sure you spark it evenly and get a good cherry going for smooth, flavorful smokes.

  1. Use a Wax Pen

Lastly, you can invest a cool piece of cannabis tech: a rechargeable wax pen. Learning how to use one of these might take a few uses, but you will get the hang of it with time, it’s one of the cleanest ways to enjoy marijuana wax.

Each of the pens is different so be sure to read the instructions. However, all you typically need to do is:

  • Carefully load a small ball of wax directly into the heating chamber.
  • Make sure your device is charged and turned on.
  • Hold down an ignition button while inhaling

And that’s it! It’s a no-fuss way to get lit.

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of ways to smoke cannabis wax besides using a dab rig. Whether you’re new to wax or a dabbing pro, these techniques can take your smoking session to a whole new level. To get all of the wax you need to try one of these at home, stop by JARS to get everything you need.

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