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Cannabis-Friendly Hotels in Arizona

Arizona is home to many forms of natural splendor; massive lakes, ancient forests, and of course, The Grand Canyon. It is also worth mentioning that cannabis is legal for recreational use in Arizona. 

Between legal recreational cannabis, and a wide array of outdoor and vacation activities, what more of a reason could you need to travel to America’s beautiful Southwest?

Stay tuned to find out which cannabis-friendly hotels you should check out while you are visiting the great state of Arizona.

Traveling With Cannabis 

Have you ever checked into a hotel after a long day of traveling only to realize that you don’t have anything to help you relax waiting for you on the other end?

Due to The 2018 Farm Bill, hemp (and traveling with hemp) is legal in all 50 of the United States. But, hemp is really only good for containing high amounts of CBD and negligible amounts of THC.  

CBD can be great for pain and general anxiety, but it may not be what people reach for when they are looking to enter an altered state of mind. 

While it may have been possible to sneak along your stash while traveling in the past, the recent conviction of Brittney Griner in Russia has cannabis travelers wary of consequences for breaking the law when it comes to traveling with a controlled substance.

Luckily there have been advancements in cannabis tourism that you can start taking advantage of as soon as now.  

Best Cannabis Friendly Hotels in Arizona

Sure you can eat an edible in any hotel room (in a state where consuming cannabis is legal), but there is a big difference between doing it on the sly, and being in a welcoming place that was designed for cannabis users. 

And so, we look to the amazing Clarendon Hotel in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

The Clarendon Hotel is a luxurious hotel that offers its services to both cannabis users and non-cannabis users. 

Amenities at The Clarendon Hotel

There are several different destinations and perks within one building that will have a little something for everyone. 

Appropriately named, “The Oasis”, the pool at The Clarendon Hotel is amazing. Complete with luxurious decor, chic and comfortable lounge chairs, private cabanas, underwater speakers, a jacuzzi, and the world’s largest outdoor decorative water wall. The only thing that’s missing is you.

The rooftop boasts some of the loveliest views in all of Pheonix. Seek out one of the designated spots to smoke cannabis on the roof while you ponder the sunset while overlooking the historical Midtown bustle.

The Lazy Bee Spa offers an impressive range of services, including massages, facials, and beauty treatments like waxing and dermaplaning.

This is the big one. Elevations Nation is a company that is dedicated to curating next-level experiences and spaces for cannabis lovers. 

Starting in November 2022, Elevations Nation is taking dinner reservations with Hell’s Kitchen Chef, Cody Candelario, to offer up a cannabis-infused dining experience unlike any other. 

Imagine not even needing to leave the hotel to go to an amazing dinner like that. 

  • A Car Service 

The Clarendon offers to drive its patrons free of charge to local dispensaries so that they can re-up on whatever cannabis their heart desires. 

  • Limitations

Since the Clarendon Hotel is a split hotel, half of the hotel is not cannabis-friendly. 

Make sure that you book a cannabis room if you are hoping to smoke or vape indoors. Framiliriaze yourself with cannabis-consuptions areas and lounge before sparking up. 

Don’t Forget About Bud and Breakfast 

If you are looking for a luxurious cannabis travel experience that isn’t confined to one hotel building, there are still great options for you.

Similar to AirBnb, there is an online platform called “Bud and Breakfast” where you can search for cannabis-friendly homes available for rent in the city where you are needing accommodations.

Within Arizona there are several listings, though in order to book them you must first select the dates you are seeking, give them some personal information, and then request permission to book. 

One listing on Bud and Breakfast worth mentioning is the “Scottsdale Arizona Getaway”. They have a sophisticated, cannabis-friendly, renovated 2 story townhome that is available for rent and located right in the heart of the fashion district, complete with a heated pool. 

The proprietor of the Scottsdale Location, Rain, is super responsive and helpful. They were sure to mention all of the cannabis that is included in your stay, along with additional nearby dispensaries, cannabis farm tours, and other local cannabis events. 

In Conclusion

Traveling with cannabis can be dicey, so why not make it easy on yourself and plan to stay in a cannabis friendly hotel where cannabis is included, and you are guaranteed the ability to relax how you want to. 

Spark up, unwind, and enjoy your vacation. 


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