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Best Cannabis Accesories for every type of stoner

These days, you can’t just smoke weed—you have to do it in style. Everything from the pipe you use to your rolling tray to your lighter is an expression of you who you are and what you’re all about. No matter what your style is, there’s always the perfect cannabis accessory to fit your vibe and even enhance your smoke sesh.

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted, more brands are creating unique and innovative pieces (like bongs that double as a vase or a humidity-controlled stash box) that take cannabis to a whole new level of lit. So whether you’re looking for a 4/20-friendly gift or want to treat yourself to a new toy, check out our guide to the best cannabis accessories for every type of stoner.

The Stylish Stoner

Made from hand-poured acrylic and featuring a lit joint, this chic clutch is worth the splurge. It’s big enough to fit all your smoking accessories (and everything else you might throw into your purse before a night on the town) while giving your look a chic finish. If high fashion and cannabis are your thing, this bag is a must-have.

Sustainably crafted in Japan with a timeless tortoiseshell pattern, this classy lighter is a true statement piece. Fit for the pages of Vogue, this refillable lighter is designed to last you for a lifetime of joints. Whip this out at a party and you’ll be the talk of the town in no time.

At first glance, these look like some sophisticated gold earrings—but they are more than meets the eye. Each one doubles as a roach clip to simultaneously prevent your lips and nails from burning and allow you to finish your joint until the very last puff.

The Spiritual Stoner

Usher in nothing but good vibes when you toke on any of these crystal pipes. Carved straight into healing crystals like Tiger’s Eye and Citrine, you can work on releasing your spiritual woes and get lit like a candlestick all in one smoke session.

For a natural alternative to lighters, many people turn to hemp wick to light their flower ablaze. When you light cannabis directly with a lighter, it’s possible to inhale harmful chemicals. In this au-naturel approach, you light the wick first and then use that to ignite the buds, and voila. Simple as that. This method also helps preserve the flavor of your weed making it perfect for anyone wanting to form a deeper connection with the plant.

Whether you’re deep in meditation or setting the vibe just right, nothing leaves you feeling inspired quite like the ancient art of incense. With notes of cedar, lavender, and orange, this contemporary blend of aromas creates calm and centeredness. Plus, you get the bonus of covering up any unwanted weed smells.

The Tech-loving Stoner

Small but mighty, The Little Dipper uses direct-to-concentrate Vapor Tip technology to make dabbing a breeze. All you have to do is hit a button, gently dip the tip into some concentrate, and you’re headed straight to the Milky Way. It’s also rechargeable, affordable, easy to clean, and small enough to take with you nearly anywhere.

This eco-conscious lighter can do just about anything—light a candle, start your grill, get a roaring fire going, and perhaps most importantly, light your joints. Instead of using traditional butane, all you need is a USB port to give this fun piece of tech more juice. As a result, you eliminate any toxic chemicals from your smoking experience and you’re caring for the environment at the same time.

Joint rolling just got way easier with this all-in-one device. At the push of a button, the OG Otto grinds up your flower and fills a cone with the perfect amount of green—all you have to do is spark it up. No more fumbling with papers, no more mess, and no waiting. In seconds, you get the perfect joint every time.

The On-the-Go Stoner

From the protective carry sleeve and durable glass form to the ability to store a bowl or keep ash out of your bag, this modern handheld pipe has been thoughtfully designed to take your sesh anywhere you want to go. It even comes with a convenient key ring to latch onto your belt loop or key ring for easy access. And with a rainbow of colors to choose from, this glass pipe is truly a no-brainer.

You know that dreaded moment when you want to light up but you forgot your grinder? Never leave the house without one again with this slim, sleek Gold Grinder Card from Jane Parade. It’s about the size of a credit card and easily fits in your wallet or tucked into your bag—and it just looks super dope with its modern gold finish.

The perfect travel companion, this pocket-sized pouch lets you discreetly take your stash with you wherever you go. Lined with carbon and made with vegan leather, it’s equal parts stylish and practical.

The Munchie-loving Stoner

If edibles are your go-to, the Levo Oil will give your at-home edible game a major upgrade. Designed to infuse oils with herbs (like weed but you can also make things like a rosemary or lavender-infused olive oil), the Levo makes cannabis infusions easier than ever with its all-in-one technology. It can even decarb your weed for a simple, virtually mess-free experience.

Let’s just be honest: Who doesn’t love waffles? No matter the time of day, waffles make the perfect munchie-approved treat. To up the chill vibes, this particular waffle maker leaves a weed leaf imprint on everything you make. Whether it’s blueberry waffles or buckwheat waffles, this device is a must-have for the 420 foodie in your life.

This handy journal helps you track your cannabis culinary adventures so that you can create appropriately dosed infusions and mouthwatering recipes. Featuring blank templated recipe pages for both cannabis cooking and traditional recipes, a series of terpene flavor pairings, and helpful dosing calculations to plan your dishes, this journal can open new doors of munchie possibilities.

Happy Shopping

No matter how you like to enjoy cannabis, there is an accessory out there just waiting for you to pick them up. We hope this guide helps you find something interesting and innovative to up your cannabis accessory game—the only thing missing is the weed, and JARS has got you covered there.


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