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JARS Leveled Up: Boxing and Buds

When you think of cannabis, boxing may not be the first thing that comes to mind—but maybe it should be. As more athletes around the world are beginning to embrace the cannabis plant for its potential wellness benefits like pain relief and stress reduction, it was only a matter of time before boxing was added to the roster of 420-friendly sports.

Alongside photographer and videographer Erik Howard, we caught up with local boxers Nicolette Nadolna, Zeke Torres, and our very own JARS West Detroit store manager Samantha Swartz to hear their side of the story at Empire Boxing Club. Read on to take a deeper dive into the world of boxing and buds.

Enter the Ring

When you step into Empire Boxing Club, you know that everyone here means business. They’re not just here to play around and take a few pictures for the gram, they’re here to put in work—so where does cannabis fit into this picture? Well, it’s a little different for everyone.

For Nicolette Nadolna, cannabis helps her live in the present moment and enjoy her workout, rather than count the seconds until her match is finished. Zeke Torres on the other hand thinks the connection between cannabis and boxing is all about reflection. And for our girl Samantha Swartz, uses CBD-rich flower and cannabis-infused topicals to recover from the grueling training. However, one thing all three of our boxers had in common, is that they all use cannabis to help them relax after a long day in the ring.

After conversing with our local trio of badasses, we couldn’t help but wonder, why is weed becoming more common in such a high-intensity sport?

Top 4 Reasons Why Boxers Are Turning to Cannabis

While you might not expect it, there are several reasons why boxers are looking to weed to help them stay in fighting shape both mentally and physically. Just look at living legend Mike Tyson for example. Over the last few years, he has proudly come out in support of cannabis and has even launched his own brand, Tyson Ranch. His brand even features a boxing-themed strain called Knockout O.G.—an indica flower that is designed to, you guessed it, know you out.

Beyond the cosign of Tyson and other boxing alums, let’s take a closer look at the reasons why boxing and buds may go hand in hand. 

Pain Management

When you’re a boxer, you’re bound to get roughed up a few times in addition to your strenuous training. To reduce minor aches and pains caused by inflammation, many athletes look to weed for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Muscle Recovery

Whether you are an amateur boxer or a professional, sore muscles are all part of the game. It’s those same anti-inflammatory properties mentioned above that can also help in muscle recovery. When applied topically, athletes can target certain areas of their bodies to get relief in the places that need it most.

Also, a good night’s rest can help muscles recover faster and weed has long been used as a potential sleep aid. While not all strains will help you drift off into dreamland, check out our list of strains that may get you the zzzs you need.

Reduced Stress

Boxing can be a stressful sport to play so after about in the ring it just makes sense to puff on a joint or grab an edible. Studies have shown that cannabis may be able to reduce stress when enjoyed in small doses so feel free to puff your stress away, boxers. 

Increased Focus

It may be true that some weed strains put you right to sleep, but others may increase your focus. Many users report that traditional sativa strains help them root into the present moment and help them concentrate in the ring.


With pro boxers and our local champs alike coming out to show their support for cannabis, it is clear that the perception of weed is changing sports. Whether you need to recover from sore muscles or get a full eight hours of rest, cannabis may be able to help you get the relief you need.

For recommendations on which products might be right for you, check out your local JARS location today—and stay tuned for more JARS Leveled Up! You never know where you might find us next.

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