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Best Ways to Store Weed

Now that you’ve got some fire weed from JARS, it’s time to store it the right way. Storing weed properly helps you get the most out of your stash by increasing its shelf life, preserving the flavor, and more. So if you want to protect your weed from the elements a simple plastic bag won’t do the trick.

In this article, we’ll take your weed game to the next level by sharing all the tricks and tips you need about the best ways to store weed.

The Basics of Proper Weed Storage

If you’re like many everyday cannabis consumers, you probably haven’t put too much thought into why cannabis is packaged the way it is. The branded jars and bags that lines storefront shelves look pretty on your coffee table, but are they going to keep your weed safe and sound? To assess whether or not your stash is in hand, be sure to consider these important storage factors.


Just as humans (and vampires) have a sensitivity to the sun’s rays, so does cannabis. Too much exposure to UVB rays will cause the THC in cannabis to break down, especially when in the precious storage phase.

Any quality cannabis storage method will involve blocking out the light in some way: Either by storing your weed in containers that block out UVB rays specifically (like Miron jars), by keeping it in opaque containers, or by storing it far away from the sun in complete darkness.


When it comes to the shelf life of your flower, moisture in the air can make a big difference. In order to keep raw flower fresh, you have to find the perfect balance between over-humidifying and over-drying.

If you allow weed to dry out and become like sawdust, it can cause the trichomes to degrade, which contains most of the potency and flavor of cannabis. Old, brittle weed won’t just smoke harsh but it will also be less potent and flavorful.

On the other hand, too much humidity is also a storage no-no. Over-humidifying cannabis can also lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and other bacteria that you do not want in your weed. An airtight container will be your best line of defense against mildew and other unwanted pests.


Friction may seem like a strange element to consider, but this again goes back to those all-important trichomes on the surface of your buds. These sugar-like molecules are fragile and can easily be broken off with a little friction. Any storage method where your weed is routinely crushed, crumbled, or even sat on is not the most ideal situation.

Of course, if your storage container has a kief catcher, then friction is not as big of a deal. The catcher will collect any fallen trichomes (or kief as we call it) for use later.


Last but not least, you have to consider temperature. Raw flower prefers to live in cool to moderate temperatures, as exposure to heat can cause the buds to dry out. Cannabis specialists say to aim for temperatures below 75℉ for optimum results.

Best Ways to Store Cannabis

With the basics out of the way, let’s discuss the wide array of storage options that protect your stash from the outside world.

Glass Jar with an Airtight Seal

One of the most popular and effective methods is surprisingly one of the most basic: A good old-fashioned Mason Jar. They’re airtight, non-porous, and solid which makes them perfect for locking in those flavorful and aromatic terpenes while shielding buds from being crushed. Just make sure to keep it out of the sun, and you’ll be good to go.

Opaque or Dark-Colored Glass Containers

If you want to go one step further than a classic Mason Jar, go for a tinted or opaque glass jar. This type of jar will not only be airtight, but it will also prevent light exposure which is key for maintaining the freshness of your cannabis.

Cannabis Humidor

Thanks to modern cannabis technology, you also have some pretty gadgets to choose from like a cannabis humidor. Get a taste of true herbal luxury, as this intuitive gadget does all the work for you. A cannabis humidor is built to maintain ideal storage conditions so you can just worry about what strain to smoke. Brands like Cannador and Cannaseur even offer customizable, premium humidors made of “high”-quality woods like mahogany and walnut with prices anywhere between $150 to $400.

Bottom Line

No matter what kind of storage method you choose, just remember the best way to store weed is to shield it from air, light, heat, and humidity. Use these tips to keep your cannabis stash fresh, potent, and tasty.

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