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Best Cannabis Strains for Sports fans

Gather round sports fans — this one is for you. Whether you’re into chill sports like golf and baseball or more action-packed games like basketball and football, the right weed strain can turn any match from meh to magical. Ready to find your go-to game day strain? Read on to discover our top picks for the best cannabis strains for sports fans. 


Much like a sugar rush, Candyland’s sweet, trichome-covered buds stimulate your mind and energize your body in just a few puffs. You’ll be high-fiving with your crew and shouting for joy with every point your team scores. Even the home team loses, you’ll still leave the game with a smile on your face. It’s nearly impossible to be in a bad mood when you smoke this sativa-dominant hybrid. 

Green Crack 

When you’re watching sports for hours on end, you need something to keep you energized, focused, and upbeat all at the same time — enter Green Crack. This classic sativa strain won’t weigh you down so you can stay locked in for every minute of your favorite event. Plus, its tangy, mango-forward flavor is sure to delight your palate with ease. 

Blue Cheese

There are many different Cheese varieties out there (and we’re not talking about your snack spread) but you can rest assured that if it has Cheese in the name, you’re on the right track. Known for its sharp cheesy smell, this indica-dominant strain is all about relaxation. So if you’re gonna be at the stadium for a few hours or are going to be sitting for a long time, Blue Cheese releases your tension without completely knocking you down for the count. 

Amnesia Haze

If your motto is good vibes only, Amnesia Haze will set your mind right (and your buddies, if you’re feeling nice enough to share). Spark up a joint of this refreshingly crisp strain before the game or during halftime to immediately uplift your mood and usher in a sense of happiness. Nothing will be able to shake your newfound good mood — even if your friend spills a beer on your new rug — and you may find yourself laughing at the strangest things. 

OG Kush 

Watching sports can sometimes be stressful. So if you just want to chill TF out and enjoy the game without moving from the couch, OG Kush will deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Usually enjoyed in the evening, this woodsy yet funky strain eases stress and soothes the entire body from head to toe. Just make sure to grab your favorite munchies like popcorn, wings, or nachos, because we predict some munchies in your future.  

Game On at JARS

Whether you’re locked in to every moment of March Madness or you’re just here for the snacks, make sure to stop by JARS before your next sporting event. Weed always makes every big play that much more exciting. 


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