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Best Cannabis Strains for Hitting the Slopes

Snowboarding season only comes around once a year so it’s important to be prepared with the perfect weed strains to go along with your wintertime activities. Whether you’re sipping a hot toddy back at that lodge or getting ready to shred your favorite trail, the buds you choose can make a major impact on your overall experience. Although each snowboarder has their own personal favorite, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite cannabis strains for hitting the slopes and beyond. 

Bubba Kush 

After a long day in fresh powder, your body can take a real beating. Whether you’re dealing with sore muscles or achy joints, Bubba Kush is said to relieve minor aches and pains, making it perfect for chilling with a mug of hot cocoa. From head to toe, you’ll feel a heaviness begin to settle in and a dreamy euphoria will float into your mindset with each puff. As you enjoy this classic indica strain, you’ll discover notes of mocha, dried herbs, and a hint of earth. 

Durban Poison

For many, Durban Poison is their go-to for any outdoor adventure, including snowboarding or skiing. The bright sativa effects give boost your mood and provide a slight burst of energy, bringing all of your senses to the present moment. Cruising through the snow, you may feel almost spiritual as you feel the cold wind on your skin and watch the fluffy flake fall from the sky. No matter what you’re doing, it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re smoking Durban Poison. 

Forbidden Fruit 

Perfect for an evening sesh spent fireside, Forbidden Fruit is like a tropical cocktail of calm. With notes of fresh mango, bright grapefruit, and sweet cherry, all that’s missing is a little umbrella. Puff on this weed strain to discover a carefree attitude, ease sore muscles, or help you get a good night’s rest before heading out to your spot for another day in the snow.  

Northern Lights 

When you think about the clear sky on a crisp winter night, the glittering stars are often one of the first things that comes to mind — that’s one of the reasons we had to put Northern Lights on this list. Named after the famed Aurora Borealis light show that happens over some of the world’s most snow-covered destinations, these pine-forward buds are both soothing and stimulating. 

Despite being an indica-dominant strain, Northern Lights awakens the adventurous spirit within all of us and ushers in a euphoric state of mind. Just a few puffs will get your mind right and a few puffs more will eventually carry you off to sleep — so be sure to watch how much you smoke if you don’t want to drift off to la-la-land. 

Super Silver Haze 

There’s nothing like a classic sativa strain to bust the wintertime blues. Its citrusy aroma and sage-like flavor uplift your mood while offering a buzzy body high that lasts for hours. The long-lasting euphoric effects will effortlessly carry you through your day on the slopes without a single care in the world. 

Stop By JARS Before You Hit the Slopes

Whether you’re looking for an uplifting, energetic strain or a relaxing, pain-reducing strain, we’ve got everything you need at JARS. Ask our budtenders for any of the strains above or have them recommend something just for you.

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