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5 Scenic Hiking Trails in Michigan

Ah, Michigan. The mitten-shaped state, full of shimmering rivers, breathtaking lakes, rolling hills, and verdant forests. 

You’ve come to the perfect place to find out the top 5 scenic hiking trails in Michigan that are a must-visit for you and your hiking crew. 

Read until the end to find a beautiful escape closer to home than you may think. 

1. Pyramid Point Trail

About 40 minutes outside of Traverse City in the Northwestern part of Michigan is the Pyramid Point Trailhead. This unique trail is a multi-faced recreational area with a remarkable array of terrains to explore. 

Beginning as a forest, this 2.7 miles long trail goes down into a meadow, and then ascends into tall sand dunes that give you a king’s view of North Manitou Island. 

This trail to Pyramid Point is good for both experienced hikers who are looking to get their heart rate up with some cardio and a view at the end. 

The difficulty level is also good for beginners that just want a little bit of a walk (0.6 miles) to a fantastic view.

2. Negwegon State Park

Negwegon is situated on the upper Northeast part of the state between Alpina and Harrisville. 

The Potawatomi, Algonquin, and Chippewa Trails all link with each other, and combine to make the perfect, easy 5 mile hike that culminates in a stunning view of unspoiled shoreline on Lake Huron.

These trails are sought-after destinations for hikers, hunters, and campers because of their backwoods quality. 

Be sure to prepare accordingly, since this is a less frequented area of the state. Pack your bug spray, water, snacks, and a hat. 

3. Lepard Nature Preserve 

Located outside of Grand Rapids, the Lepard Nature Preserve is a great little 0.8 mile loop that is often not trekked. 

Great for birders, runners, hikers, bikers, and families, the Lepard Nature Preserve offers a wonderful array of sights. 

There is a quaint little wooden bridge, a creek, views of the valley, benches, and a loop so that you can go around and around to extend your enjoyment. 

Leashed pets are allowed.

4. Penosha Trail 

An hour East of Detroit is the 5 mile loop known as the Penosha Trail. 

Penosha trail provides a breath of fresh air and a forested getaway from the city. Walk the scenic loop among the maple and oak trees, and fall in love with the forest in all of its different stages throughout the year. 

The trees in this part of the state are vibrant and offer enchantment and wonder. 

Bring your dog (on a leash), and prepare for your spirit to be refreshed in the forest. 

5. Belle Island 

Belle Island is just outside of Detroit to the West. 

Take The MacArthur Bridge across Lake Huron, and witness an outsider’s view into The Motor City.

This little island is cram-packed with things to do, whether you are a tourist, or a long time fan of a lovely afternoon. 

There is a trail called the Blue Heron Lagoon Trail, which is an easy little loop that gives you a nice view of, well, Canada.

There is also a zoo, a Great Lakes Museum, the Belle Island Aquarium, Oudolf’s Garden Point, The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory (which is a big greenhouse), and a giant slide. 

The best part is called Sunset Point, which is the East point of Belle Island, and gives the viewer an unobstructed, glorious view of Detroit with the sun setting behind it. 

In Conclusion 

Michigan is a hiker’s dream with quite an array of wild and natural splendor. 

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more views to be had of three different Great Lakes and gorgeous forested trails, all from within the same state. 

Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, water bottle, and a little pre or post-walk cannabis. Your outdoor adventure could be greatly enhanced by enjoying some of nature’s best greens . 

Come by one of our JARS locations and ask our friendly budtenders what their favorite hikes are in the nearby area, as well as what products they would recommend for your excursion, or your post-walk aches and pains. 

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